Double Mohawk  Wig
Double Mohawk  Wig Double Mohawk  Wig

Double Mohawk Adult Wig

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Double Mohawk Adult Wig includes a red and pink close cut side wig with red on the sides and pink double spike top with white edges. This Halloween Wig is available in Standard Size fits most adults.Please Note: Shirt and costume NOT included. Wigs may require some extra styling to look similar to the picture shown. We cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Washing Instructions: 1. Fill basin with cool or luke warm water. 2. Add a dash of mild shampoo and swish gently. 3. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. 4. Shake out, do not brush when wet. 5. Brush gently into desired style after wig is completely dry. 6. Do not use hot styling tools or blow dryers.
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